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te this blog, drilling-mud.org, to share the knowledge of drilling mud used in the petroleum industry (oil field). I will share basic and practical information that may help you make a game plan, analyze, and make good judgment in regard to drilling mud related operation on the drilling rig site.

As you may know, several times that drilling mud decision are made by service companies therefore as an operator stand point, we may miss opportunities to fully improve and optimize the performance of drilling mud.

In this blog, I will not emphasize contents as mud engineer point of views and there will not be vendor-specific chemical products. On the other hand, the content in the blog will be described from the operator’s standpoint. You will know the general but important drilling mud information such as how to do mud check, mud properties, what mud check numbers mean, type of mud, effect of drilling mud on overall drilling operations, etc. Moreover, there will be some other issues as solid control, drilling optimization, safety, drilling mud common problems, etc.

I wish that my blog will help you for your drilling knowledge.

Best Regards,

Drilling Mud Team

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  • Roberto Feb 13, 2011, 4:48 pm

    Hi Rachain

    I am a drilling engineer with 16 years of experience, I just found this site and Drilling formulas site today, both are great places with very useful and practical information. Good tips to remind us about the basics and to learn new information.
    Thank you

  • amulraj arumugam Apr 12, 2011, 6:54 am

    would like to

  • สุพัตรา Jul 1, 2011, 11:24 am

    ดิฉันเป็นนักศึกษาคะ พอดีต้องทำรายงานเกี่ยวกับงานขุดเจาะ ซึ่งรายละเอียดจะประกอบไปด้วย ประเภทการขุดเจาะ เครื่องแต่งกาย อุปกรณ์ที่ใช้ในการขุดเจาะ ( พร้อมรูปภาพ ) กฎระเบียบต่างๆ และขั้นตอนการทำงาน จึงขอรบกวนช่วยแบ่งปันข้อมูลเพื่อเป็นประโยชน์ในการทำรายงานฉบับนี้ด้วยค่า

  • bob Jul 6, 2011, 8:42 pm

    I have been a mud engineer for 31 years and I find this site very informative. I use this information to instructed rig personnel about drilling fluids which is easy to undestand.

    • ADNAN Jul 30, 2011, 10:20 pm

      would you like to send me some points or some Litrature regarding following topic and send me on my e-mail address m_adnanmudengineer@yahoo.com
      The PHPA mud is sticky like honey, sticks around hole & is possible cause of creating channels during casing / liner cement jobs. Submit scientific reason for this problem & advise the alternate for PHPA mud which does not creat channels during casing cement jobs , (b) Discuss & suggest fluid properties including mechanical properties of mud for effective hole cleaning prior to casing / liner cement job

  • imen mina Aug 3, 2011, 9:46 pm

    Bonjour! je suis étudiante en cycle ingénieur spécialité foage pétrolier et je veux me spécialiser dans les fluides de forages, Je cherche un sujet sur les boues de forage comme projet de fin d’étude! Si vous avez quelques idées je vous serai toujours reconnaissante. Merci

    • admin Aug 4, 2011, 12:10 am

      Translated content “Hello! I am student of petroleum engineering program specialty FOAG and I want to specialize in drilling fluids, I am looking for a topic on the drilling mud as a final project review! If you have some ideas I will be forever grateful. thank you”

      I would like to recommend you about studying about high temperature and high pressure and mud degradation. Then, if you can figure out the way to solve it, prevent it, delay it, that will be your top class project. Give a new perspective to mud. I have people working with me but all of us seem to heading the same direction. Since you are new engineer, you view may be different than us.


  • Sanjay Dabhi Sep 6, 2011, 6:43 pm

    Dear Rachain J and Shyne Coleman

    I appreciate for sharing all of the valuable details on your blogs. We are manufacturer of Pregelatinized starch based in Ahmedabad, India. It is used as fluid loss control agent in base mud. My intense to write this feedback to you is to know how we can test the Thermal stability/Temperature stability of this product. I request you to let me know if you have any idea on test method for thermal stability.


  • Jey Sep 27, 2011, 7:10 am

    haiiii, aq jey aq baru pertama masuk dunia drilling..!!
    apa yang harus aq lakukan untuk aq bisa lebih maju lagi?
    dan kalo bisa minta info tentang nama2 alatnya dan ke gunaannya ya?
    sebelumnya tk’s…!!

    • admin Oct 4, 2011, 9:52 pm

      Could you please type in English please?

  • charifi Oct 29, 2014, 5:40 pm

    thank you very much for this website

  • Abdullah Apr 2, 2015, 12:16 pm

    Do you have a mailing list? I want to subscribe

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