Drilling Problem Related to Drilling Mud

Lost circulation is one of the most difficult drilling operation issues and it can cost a lot of money in order to fight with it. Nowadays with recently drilling fluid technology, there are more comprehensive and effective methodologies to prevent lost circulation. We’ve found the excellent presentation in the topic of “How to Stabilize and [...]

Lost circulation by induced losses is created by people. The situation is happened when the equivalent circulating density (ECD) is more than formation fracture gradient; therefore, the formation is broken and the lost circulation is occurred. The following situations increase the equivalent circulating density (ECD). • Increase pump rate • Increase mud weight • Trip [...]

Lost circulation caused by nature can occur within three types of reservoir rocks • High permeability formations • Natural fractured reservoir • Cavernous formations High Permeability Formations High permeability rocks such as coarse sands, gravels can cause lost circulation because drilling mud can easily move into pore spaces. When you have the problem with these [...]