Hole Cleaning

In order to have better hole cleaning, people must several hole cleaning parameters (annular velocity, pipe rotation, ROP, etc) and these parameters directly affect stand pipe pressure and frictional pressure down hole. Increasing in annular pressure loss will result in higher equivalent circulating density. Therefore, personnel must try to fine tune the best parameters in [...]

Flow rate is one of the factors affecting hole cleaning and when we talk about flow rate and hole cleaning, I would like to classify into two groups which are flow rate for vertical wells and flow rate for deviated and horizontal wells. Flow rate for hole cleaning in vertical wells  Flow rate required must be [...]

Drill pipe rotation is very crucial for hole cleaning especially deviated and horizontal wells. Without good pipe rotation, it is almost impossible to clear cutting beds sitting on low side of wellbore. As a general drilling standard, many people rotate drill string at least 120 RPM in order to get good hole cleaning. I personally [...]

Sweep is just drilling mud which has different mud properties than drilling mud currently used in the well. It is a simple tool to help transport cutting from the wellbore and many operators almost always pump sweep in order to remove some cuttings and cutting beds. Two properties that you typically adjust for sweep are [...]

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