Oil Based Mud

Oil based mud is widely used nowadays for drilling industry because it has good mud properties which waterbased mud cannot provide. However, it also has the drawback as well. Therefore, this article will recap both pros and cons of oil based mud in a simple way. Advantages of Oil Based Mud • The oil base mud [...]

The perfect condition of oil based mud is in oil wet of solid and you don’t want your OBM in water wet. You may have problem regarding water wetting if you see the following indications. • Cuttings over shale shakers are sticky. • Barite sag • Shale shaker screens are plugged due to cutting. • [...]

These following sings show you that you have problem with the electrical stability. 1. Low electrical stability – if you see that ES is less than 700, you should really check your emulsion. 2. There is barite sag issue. You can simply check weight of your mud at the top of pit and compare the [...]

When the mud is not properly mixed, you can observe that barite in the mud can settle itself easy and its Electrical Stability is very low. Moreover, when you look at the mud, it will not look homogeneous (dull grainy look). Without proper mixing, the mud rheology is very thin therefore you don’t have enough [...]

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