Operational Impacts of drilling mud

Formation fractures are initiated by excessive pressure in the annulus which is more than fracture gradient. This situation is happened when increasing mud weight, tripping, surging, drilling very fast or circulating the kick in the annulus. Personnel need to be very careful about this issue. Drilling practices to prevent creating fracture initiation are as follows: [...]

The solid content in the drilling mud has several operational impacts on drilling operation as listed below; Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) – The ECD will be higher if the solid content increases, regardless of whether High Gravity Solid (HGS) or Low Gravity Solid (LGS). As you may know, excessive ECD will lead to formation fracture [...]

You have learned about the gel strength from the previous post. This time we will learn about operational impacts of the gel strength on our drilling operation. The impacts of the gel strength are as follows; Cutting suspension ability – Low get strength drilling mud will not be able to efficiently suspend cuttings; therefore, the [...]