Solid Control

Centrifuge technology has been improved over time; however, since the units are mechanical devices, people still face with common problems. The problems associated with centrifuges are as follows: • Scroll flight worn out • Bearing failure • Bowl failure • Rolling plug • Discharge line plugging • Excessive vibration • Parts (feed tube, flight strips, [...]

As a personnel working on the rig, you should know how about hydrocyclone operation so that you can effectively operate this equipment. This article demonstrate several questions regarding hydrocyclone operation which will help you get more understanding and be able to maximize the performance of hydrocyclone. What is the best condition to use the hydrocyclones? [...]

Even though nowadays shale shakers screen technology has been improving, the need to hydrocyclones for solid control is still required in some areas. The hydrocyclones are used to remove cutting from drilling mud. They convert pressure of drilling fluid into centrifugal force and velocity and 300 g-force can be generated via this equipment. The diagram [...]