You may have heard people talking about “Rheology” but you don’t have an ideal what it is. Let I explain you about it. Rheology is the study of flow and deformation of fluid. There are several rheology values such as gel strength, plastic viscosity (PV), and yield point (YP).


This following information is determined by the rheological measurements from a mud test.

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Mud weight or mud density is one of the important drilling fluid properties because it balances and controls formation pressure. Moreover, it also helps wellbore stability. Mud weight is measured and reported in pounds per gallon (PPG), pound per cubic feet (lb/ft3), or grams per milliliter (b/ml).

You can learn about how to covert pressure into mud weight here.

Mud weight is normally measured by a conventional mud balance; however, if you have some air inside a fluid phase, reading from the conventional mud balance will give you an inaccurate number. Therefore, the most accurate method to measure the mud weight is with a pressurized mud balance.

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I have my intention to create this blog,, to share the knowledge of drilling mud used in the petroleum industry (oil field). I will share basic and practical information that may help you make a game plan, analyze, and make good judgment in regard to drilling mud related operation on the drilling rig site.

As you may know, several times that drilling mud decision are made by service companies therefore as an operator stand point, we may miss opportunities to fully improve and optimize the performance of drilling mud.

In this blog, I will not emphasize contents as mud engineer point of views and there will not be vendor-specific chemical products. On the other hand, the content in the blog will be described from the operator’s standpoint. You will know the general but important drilling mud information such as how to do mud check, mud properties, what mud check numbers mean, type of mud, effect of drilling mud on overall drilling operations, etc. Moreover, there will be some other issues as solid control, drilling optimization, safety, drilling mud common problems, etc.

I wish that my blog will help you for your drilling operation.

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